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Ceramic vacuum disc. Filter

Ceramic vacuum disc. Filter
Product Detailed
Ceramic vacuum disc filter

IntroductionCeramic filter is the world's most advanced solid-liquid separation technology, with its energy saving, clean environment, can re-use advantages of resources, the areas in the national economy is increasingly widely applied. Ceramic Filter Ceramic Filter is an example of successful application of technology in recent years, large-scale promotion in the country has produced good economic and social benefits. Twentieth century, the early eighties,  and  P developed a ceramic filter can be used as filter medium plates, ceramic filter plate pore size is usually 1 - 5 microns (most commonly 1.5 - 2.0 micron), so The micro can produce a strong capillary action, ceramic filter work, the role of the vacuum pump, only the liquid through the micropores into the filtrate, while the solid and gas are separated at the surface of a cake plate to achieve a solid-liquid separation.The birth of a new filter medium for the development of solid-liquid separation technology has great significance, ceramic filter plate to produce capillary action and has excellent mechanical properties, makes the ceramic filter with filter cloth and other filter media in the filter as compared to many advantage between the ceramic filter is widely used. Ceramic filter can be used in non-ferrous metal mining, coal, chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and other industries dehydration, extensive applications.

 Second, the main features (1) energy efficient: large capacity, energy-saving effect is obvious. Capacity> 1100kg/m2h, electricity <0.5kWh/th, with the traditional disk, external filter filter comparison, more than 80% energy savings. (2) Control: High Performance Series models use process control, automatic feed, automatic cleaning, reducing labor intensity of operators can reduce the number of operators. (3) Perfect automatic protection features: automatic alarm system has a fault, failure of the screen display, high and low level alarm display, and automatically exclude or shut down manually. (4) The structure of a solid, durable: The machine adopts computer optimization design, reasonable structure, reliable, maintenance-free design with the main transmission components, reducing downtime rate, tank mixing system uses stainless steel body structure, to ensure its service life up to 10 years. (5) improve product quality, reduce transport costs: As the filtered water is very low after treatment concentrate, can greatly enhance the market competitiveness of products and reduce transportation costs and loss of transportation. (6) environmental effect is obvious: As the filtrate is clear and can be repeatedly used to reduce emissions in line with the current trend of environmental clean production. Third, structural principle: Ceramic filter structure include: ceramic filter plate with a number of groups formed by the rotor disk, resulting in the phenomenon of auto-switching role of suction and flushing the distribution of the first, to prevent solid precipitation blender, remove the filter plates of solid adsorption required scraper, filter plate on the outside within the abdominal cavity washing and ultrasonic cleaning system oscillation, to maintain a certain level of tank sizing and operation of process control systems. Filter operation, the filter plate as the role of vacuum, when the rotating immersion in liquid slurry tank under the filter plate to form a layer of solid particles in the surface layers, liquid distribution through the filter plate from the first switch into the vacuum barrel . When the smoke has accumulated layers of filter plates from liquid slurry to form a cake, because the vacuum effect to dehydration, so cake is dried further. Continue to rotate with the rotor blade to the site to remove the cake from the belt transmission aircraft sent to the space required. Remove the filter cake plate operating position reached after the auto switch and vacuum flushing flows to the opposite position to form a filter plate from the inside out of the washing effect, clear the blockage in ceramic particles inside porous. And then re-immersed in pulp. When the filter is running longer time, can be washed on the filter plate full, using the reverse fluid can be added to the chemical agent, and synergy ultrasonic oscillation to keep the filter's high efficiency.

Ceramic vacuum disc. Filter

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